Hub Culture
Hub Culture is member-led virtual state ecosystem. We manage spaces, digital currency, governance, & identity services, and knowledge brokerage/contracts for members.
Ven is a global digital currency managed by the Hub Culture network. It can be sent anywhere and to anyone almost instantly. Ven is easy and convenient to use, and its structure also makes it great for the environment.
Open Audit Initiative
The Open Audit Initiative is a way to audit anything right now. It works by creating a universal receipt for any type of transaction on an immutable ledger, which is then shared to a blockchain. The OAI is for everyone and anything.
Ultra is a system for tokenising assets. What are tokenised assets? They are digital representations of physical assets which can be compiled, managed and exchanged within Hub Culture.
AQUA, the Active User Quarantine Ally, helps Hub Culture members travel safer by helping to manage health verifications, symptom reporting and electronic quarantine data on behalf of members.
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